Departmental Board

The Departmental Board provides advice and challenge to the Department and it’s Ministers on strategic and operational issues. It has an advisory rather than a decision making role.

This Board meets every two months.


  • Performance
  • Strategy and Learning
  • Resources and Change
  • Capability
  • Risk

The remit of the Board is performance and delivery, and to provide the strategic leadership of the department. It gives advice and support on the operational implications and effectiveness of policy proposals, focusing on getting policy translated into results.

The protocol for all Whitehall Boards is set out on the Cabinet Office website.


The Board Secretary ensures the Board and other bodies are properly constituted with clear terms of reference, agenda management and quality assuring papers.

If you have prepared a paper for the Board you will normally be invited to the meeting for the discussion of those items.

The Board Meeting is open to observers (at the discretion of the Chair). Contact the Board Secretary if you would like to attend.

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