Who we are

ACME was created on 11 May 2004. Around 380 staff work for ACME and our policies are supported by the 44 public bodies we oversee.

How to find us

We’re based at 100 Parliament Street in Westminster, London.

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Our address is: ACME, 4th Floor, 100 Parliament Street, London SW1A 2BQ.

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Our boards

Providing advice and challenge to the Department and it’s Ministers on strategic and operational issues.

A sub-committee of the Departmental Board. It supports the Departmental Board and the Permanent Secretary in their responsibilities for governance, risk management and control.

Providing corporate leadership to the Department, ensuring delivery of the business plan in support of Minister’s objectives.

A sub-committee of the Executive Board. It prioritises and allocates resources through the flexible resourcing cycle

A sub-committee of the Executive Board. It approves and monitors the Department’s capital commitments

A sub-committee of the Executive Board. It manages ACME resources and infrastructure.

A sub-group of the Corporate Committee, it makes decisions on staffing proposals that could impact our headcount or staff related costs outside of the Flexible Resourcing process.

Our structure