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    How the club works

    It’s no secret that ACME has many talented and gifted people when it comes to the art of baking. They were simply born to bake you happy and want nothing more than to bake you up before you go-go.

    baking image

    The bake club meets once a month. All the bakers should bring in their baked goods and the group members discuss their experience and thoughts on how it went, almost like a lessons learned thing, except we’re sharing recipes not project basics.

    At the end of each meeting the group decides the next month’s theme. The club is not just about cakes and sweet treats, we also have savoury bake themes including samosas and tarts for example.

    At the end of the each meeting, cakes are displayed for a charity cake sale. Staff nominate different charities that we donate to each month. That way, the bakers are happy, their colleagues are happy as they have a nice bit of cake to eat and the charities are happy as they get a bit of money.

    Join up

    We’re looking for new members so if you love baking and would like to find out more please get in touch with Sophie Marment (x2232).

    Money we’ve raised so far…

    Since 2010 we have raised nearly £2,000 for a variety of charities which have included Comic Relief, RNLI, Cancer Research and many more.

    • January 2013 – £173 for MIND
    • November 2012 – £132.10 for Sands (Still-birth and neo-natal death charity )
    • October 2012 – £201 for the Brain Tumour Charity
    • May 2012 – £205.17 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Cancer Research
    • Apr 2012 – £176.33 for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association
    • Mar 2012 –  £174.14 for Victoria House (Coleg Elidyr)
    • Feb 2012 – £195.83 for Time & Talents
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