Annual leave guide Guide


You are entitled to take a reasonable amount of time off work and to do so in a way that’s flexible enough to meet individual circumstances.


  • you must get permission before you take your annual leave
  • if you want to take very long periods of leave discuss this with your line manager as far in advance as possible
  • your line manager will always try and take your needs in to account but departmental business must be covered.
  • annual leave cannot be taken in place of sick leave

Allowances for full time staff

Annual leave
Grades up to and including A (Upper) – first 4 years of serviceGrades up to and including A (Upper) – over 4 years of serviceSenior Civil Service
25 days30 days30 days

Public and privilege holidays

In addition to your leave allowance full-time staff are entitled to public and privilege holidays totaling 10.5 days.

Public holidays are:

  • 1 January
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • May Day  (first Monday in May)
  • Late Spring Bank Holiday  (last Monday in May)
  • Late Summer Bank Holiday  (last Monday in August)
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

Privilege holidays are:

  • Maundy Thursday (half day the day before Good Friday)
  • The Queen’s Birthday (full day the Tuesday after the late May Spring Bank Holiday)
  • Christmas/New Year period (full day taken on the first working day after Boxing Day)

If you work on a public or privilege day you may be offered time off in lieu (TOIL).

Public and privilege holidays are not recorded annual or special leave. They are recorded as part of a sick absence unless they fall at the beginning or end of a period of sick absence.

Allowances for part time staff

If you work part time your leave and entitlement to annual leave and public/privilege holidays is calculated on a pro-rated basis.


Your leave record will be set up on Oracle when you join the department. It will also automatically update your allowance to 30 days when you have completed 4 years service

It is your responsibility to check your leave is correct on oracle. Contact HR if you have any queries.

Personal leave year

If you joined after 1 October 2009 and ACME is your first permanent Civil Service post, your leave year runs from 1 April – 31 March. On joining your leave will be pro-rated for the period until 1 April.

If you are on a fixed term appointment of less than 12 months you will have a pro-rated allocation.

If you are on loan or secondment your personal leave year will continue as it did at your parent department.

Earning annual leave whilst on leave

You will accrue annual leave when on:

  • annual leave
  • paid maternity leave
  • paid special leave
  • sick leave on full and half pay

You will not accrue annual leave when on:

  • career break
  • special leave without pay
  • sick leave at the pension rate of pay.

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