Gifts and hospitality guide Guide


You may occasionally be faced with the problem of how to respond when an individual or an organisation offers a gift or some form of hospitality. Such practices are increasingly common in the business world, as an accepted means of helping to maintain useful contacts and working relationships. Civil servants, however, must not accept such offers without considering very carefully its propriety and any possible conflict of interest.

This guide provides guidance on what forms of gifts and hospitality are acceptable, and what is not. They do not cover every eventuality, as there is a judgement to be made in each case; these rules are intended to help and inform the judgements made by our people.

Every individual needs to be aware of their obligations under the Bribery Act 2010, and ensure that any gifts received or hospitality offers is compliant with this legislation, as well as the Civil Service Code.

The ACME Gifts and Hospitality policy covers the following:

  • The principles of propriety
  • Gifts
  • Receipt of gifts by members of staff
  • Finance bulletin: gifts and hospitality
  • Members of staff offering gifts
  • Hospitality
  • Receipt of hospitality by members of staff
  • Checks and audits
  • Members of staff offering hospitality
  • Working lunches
  • Awards and prizes
  • Inventions
  • Annex A: Accounting Arrangements for hospitality gifts
  • Annex B: Application for use of the hospitality budget
  • Annex C : Guidance note for staff in Arts Division on handling offers of hospitality from clients