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Command paper guide

Guide  Communications and press 

Step-by-step guide to how to publishing a command paper

Using desk phone guide

Guide  IT, computers and telephones 

Tips to get you using your desk phone confidently, either in the office or when working remotely. Change the default PIN Think of a four figure number, with no more than three …

Auditing sponsored bodies guide

Guide  Finance and procurement 

Executive NDPBs must have an Internal Audit service that operates to the Government Internal Audit Standards (PDF 272kb).

Working hours guide

Guide  HR, pay and employment 

These are the rules for ACME’s standard hours of attendance. If you transfer out on secondment you should work the normal hours of that office. Full-time hours If you work …

Social media content guide

Guide  Communications and press 

Getting public-interest digital content published through our social channels

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave guide

Guide  HR, pay and employment 

Maternity leave As soon as you know that you are pregnant you must undertake a risk assessment by completing the pregnancy related self-assessment checklist and discuss the results with your Development …

Events guide

Guide  Buildings and facilities Communications and press Finance and procurement 

How to plan an event

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests guide

Guide  Communications and press Ministers and Private Office 

Quick reference for FOI requests plus links to further guidance

Cycling to work guide

Guide  Buildings and facilities HR, pay and employment 

Joining the cycle to work scheme and the benefits of cycling to work.

Guide to bank and privilege holidays

Guide  HR, pay and employment 

Full time staff are entitled to 10.5 days leave each year for bank and privilege holidays in addition to their annual leave. This is made up of 8 bank holidays …