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Welcome to the new ACME intranet

News 30th July 2021

Your one-stop shop for the latest internal news and info about a project, policy or process within ACME.

UK creative industries

News 21st June 2021

The UKs creative industries will benefit from tax reliefs that are among the most generous in the world, under Government plans announced today. Mitochondrial disease is passed from mother to …

Photo opportunities

News 21st May 2021

This is filler text pulled randomly from government press releases, designed to show how a template works. The course directory is changing to make it easier for providers to add …

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Office of Tax Simplification (OTS)

Blog post 1st September 2021 Corporate   Luke Oatham

The Chancellor George Osborne and Exchequer Secretary David Gauke today established the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS). An overview of all the sections in the pupil projection guide including links …

Service providers (Procure goods and services)

Guide  Finance and procurement 

Guide to making purchases on behalf of ACME.

VAT codes

Task  Finance and procurement 

guide to assigning a VAT code.

Recovering VAT

Task  Finance and procurement 

Guide to assigning a VAT code.

Assign a VAT code

Task  Finance and procurement 

Guide to assigning a VAT code.