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Annual leave guide

Guide  HR, pay and employment 

You are entitled to take a reasonable amount of time off work and to do so in a way that’s flexible enough to meet individual circumstances. Principles you must get …

Updating the intranet guide

Guide  Communications and press 

This guide will help you to: post new content (a new policy or procedure for example) update existing content publish a news item All new content is edited into the following format: Task …

Guide to career management

Task  HR, pay and employment 

This guide provides guidance and tips on career management.

Gifts and hospitality guide

Guide  HR, pay and employment 

You may occasionally be faced with the problem of how to respond when an individual or an organisation offers a gift or some form of hospitality. Such practices are increasingly common …

Travel disruption guide

Guide  HR, pay and employment 

This guide sets out what you should do if you are unable to get to work due to travel disruption. What you should do You should attend work as far …

Payroll administration guide

Guide  Finance and procurement HR, pay and employment 

The ACME payroll is administered by LogicaCMG, contact them for queries relating to your pay. Payslips Your payslip is available on Oracle. Payroll administration You will be paid monthly (in …

Pay and benefits guide

Task  HR, pay and employment 

Information on our pay and grading structure, including changing grades.

Promotions guide

Guide  HR, pay and employment 

This policy provides a framework for recognising and promoting talent that fits with our flexible resourcing model. It is operated in a fair, inclusive and transparent way.

Making conference calls guide

Guide  IT, computers and telephones 

You can set up a simple conference call for up to six numbers from your phone. For more than six numbers, use BT MeetMe. Press the button with the handset …

Resignation guide

Guide  HR, pay and employment 

Guidance for you and your manager on procedures which apply when staff leave the Civil Service through resignation or dismissal.